Module A1: POA

Philosophy Of 

Lesson POA 1: Rediscover All You Are

Welcome to the Workshop Online Series!


This is the first lesson in the series, so here's a couple of helpful guidelines to read before you start:

  • This lesson can be streamed online either by a teacher facilitating a class, or individually on a student’s own computer or phone (student's email address must be submitted for site access prior to this lesson).

  • All of the videos have a corresponding task afterwards, which require students to type their answers into the lesson’s editable pdf worksheet. This can then be emailed as an attachment to their teacher for review.

  • All the tasks can be adapted to either individual/self-paced learning, or utilised as group work if managed by a teacher.

  • It is important to follow the order of the videos, as they introduce concepts that build off each other.

  • There is a Bonus Activity worksheet at the bottom of the page.

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