The goal: to sow the seed of self-worth


How: an online learning platform dedicated to ending the malnourishment of self esteem in teenage girls

Why: there are so many negative messages targeting girls, so we need to provide a positive alternative 

engaging content

Featuring 6 core modules each with 9 unique lessons


Lessons contain videos, bonus activities and fun resources


All lessons include a teacher lesson outline


All lessons include a student editable pdf worksheet


flexible options

 Online lessons available anywhere, anytime

Subscription means whole school access


Can be accessed by teacher and/or student at school or at home


All lessons are mobile phone friendly   

pdhpe syllbus Online is a curriculum aimed to assist teachers with student wellbeing

All lessons align to PDHPE syllabus outcomes in order to compliment teacher's lesson objectives and provide additional resources


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Module 1:

Philosophy of

Outlines the ethos of; to rediscover 'all you are' and understand the three qualities of 


Module 2:

true friendship is

 Covers the true qualities of friendship, plus issues such as comparison and gossiping are addressed


module 3:

like the real you

Focuses on social media and how this interplays with one’s personal sense of self and mentality


module 4:

your heart attach

Seeks to help girls cultivate a healthy, balanced perspective on relationships with guys


module 5:

wise mind matters

Offers engaging activities to help girls turn theories about mental health into practical steps to live by


Module 6:

giving your all

Helps girls reflect on what they're passionate about and how they can use this passion to help others

Sample Lesson Content:

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