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How It Works

Fill in the form below to become a
d&m hostess. You'll then be emailed instructions on how to create your d&m. If you already have a hostess for your group, simply send her your email address and she will provide you with instructions.

2/Once you have received email confirmation you are registered for your
d&m, you can then purchase your d&m passes here. You will then be emailed your login details in order to access your d&m and the accompanying resources.  

3/Your d&m access passes will be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Your hostess will provide you with the dates and Zoom details of your fortnightly virtual chats.     


Once you have your d&m login details, you can purchase your d&m passes here.
Note: grandmas, aunties and family friends are welcome to join your group as a single pass participant.

Host a D&M

Thank you! Be sure to check your email for your hostess instructions :)

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