We equip girls with inner tools to navigate the paths of self-worth, friendship, social media and life's other expeditions





WE ARE is an educational organisation dedicated to helping girls value themselves from the inside out. provides both online lessons and interactive, physical workshops in areas such as: self-worth, friendship, social media and mental health. offers positive messages that help girls come to appreciate their uniqueness and gives them the opportunity to critically assess pop culture's toxic messages and then present their own ideas in group work activities. is the female component to parent organisation AV Learning Hub, which also runs Valour for boys. 





In 2020, Allure launched its online learning platform, featuring 6 core modules, each contianing x8 lessons. The online subscritpion includes whole school access to videos, worksheets, bonus activities and engaging resources. 


Allure's interactive, physical workshops have a duration of one hour per module topic, with:

- 30 minutes for facilitator-guided PowerPoint Presentation

- 30 minutes for student group work projects and presentations





The Be Body Positive Advisory and Assessment Panel were impressed with the work is doing. The Panel would like to extend an invitation to you to attend the BBP awards ceremony later this month and provide an opportunity for you to showcase your work.  

Caroline Oakley, Office for Youth Health & Wellbeing, NSW Government

I commend to you for Catholic schools. With so many pressures on our young women, this is an opportunity for students to view themselves as unique, valued and inspirational. Our Catholic schools strive to be places of hope for young people and places that protect them from exploitative and unhealthy views that permeate too much of our culture. Through discussion, engaging delivery and a real facing towards the issues young women have to deal with every day, is a service that I endorse.

 Most Rev Peter A Comensoli, Archbishop of Melbourne, VIC

In today’s world, our young women need to have strong role models to help them understand their unique beauty and not be made to feel insignificant by the world of mass and Social Media. They also need to be partners to break these stereotypes and to stop competing with each other. This message comes through loud and clear from the workshop, who have a very strong and direct message for all our young women. The presentation is excellent and fun and the presenter, Judi, is a true role model in herself demonstrating you can present yourself well but it is the person you are that is important.

Debra Ferguson, Principal, MacKillop Catholic College, Warnervale, NSW

The members, directors and staff of the Dharriwaa Elders Group would like to thank for conducting workshops for the visiting group from the Dhuningarraaygal Dhiyaan Dhiirali (Old People Teaching Family) project. 

Walgett’s Dharriwaa Elders Group, Walgett Shire, NSW presented to Year 7 at the end of last year. The girls responded to the message of authentic friendship and self-worth enthusiastically, the student–lead discussion about positive role models at the end of the first session continued into lunch, and reinforced units of work we have done in English and Religion, tying in wonderfully with our Mercy School ethos. The final workshop on social media was a refreshing and positive approach, putting the onus back on the students to come up with positive ways to use Social Media and think about how they communicate about themselves and others online. Judi was an engaging presenter, and really spoke to the girls at their level. Teachers and students loved it, we’re having her back at the beginning of this year for our new Year 7 students!

Kate Patten, Assistant Head of Year 7, Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, North Sydney

Building healthy self-esteem and respect for others is important for everyone but especially for anyone settling into a completely different social environment and experiencing new cultural pressures. Let alone when they’ve also escaped from instability and are dealing with trauma, as our program participants have experience with all too often. The content of AV Learning Hub is life changing for all students who participate!

Fiona Cassar, DREAM Refugee Program, Project Officer

The girls in year 10 really enjoyed It kept them involved and it addressed issues that these girls were really interested in. The girls left actively discussing the presentation and when asked for an appraisal the following day, the overall reaction was that it was fantastic.

Karen Dunsmore, Year 10 Coordinator, Brigidine College, St Ives, NSW

The workshops run by Valour challenge high school boys to become ‘Men of ‘Valour’- that is, authentic young men who have respect and make a positive impact on their family, women and the community at large. As I often encounter the other side of this in my role, with dysfunction and abuse in families, I can't emphasis enough the importance of teaching boys these messages when they are still young and absorbing ideas. 

Jo Power, IBCLC, Child and Family Health CNS, NSW was very well received and the girls fully engaged in the activities that the team prepared. The girls were encouraged to make healthy decisions that would help increase their sense of self-worth, rather than conform to the pressures of society to objectify themselves. A very big ‘Thank You’ to the team for sharing those wonderful insights and helping to shape women of the future.

Sharon Rogers, Religious Education Teacher, Tangara School for Girls, Cherrybrook

AV Learning Hub has been coming to Wagga Wagga Christian College for years now; they were brilliant! The content was right on target, the girls and boys were really engaged in the learning and had fun along the way. I highly recommend AV Learning Hub for any high school wanting to bring out the best in their students and enhance self-development.

Stephanie Jarratt, College Counsellor, Wagga Wagga Christian College, Wagga Wagga


INTERNATIONAL came all the way to Hamilton, New Zealand, to work with all our Year 11 and 12 students as part of their retreats. It was an invaluable experience for the girls to hear from someone young, convinced and relatable on how to love their real selves inside and out. As one of our students mentioned; “It’s great to have someone talk to us who understands the problems girls face in society today.” 

Roisin Moore, Acting Director of Religious Studies, Sacred Heart Girl’s College, Hamilton, New Zealand

Our girls absolutely loved's workshop. They said they had not heard anything like it before and could not thank our lovely presenter enough. The material is relatable, engaging and contains important messages that more young women need to hear.

Jessica Phillips, Assistant Housemistress and Teacher of Philosophy & Ethics, Queen Margaret’s School, York, England gave a wonderful presentation at Murray Hill Institute in 2016.  You could tell by the energy in the room that the audience was highly engaged.  Many of the young women who were present are participants in our mentoring program, which aims to give practical and ethical guidance to women starting their career.  The interactive exercises led were so helpful in finding a way to value and be the best version of yourself, and the slides were absolutely stunning.  A wonderful, informative, and entertaining evening!

Teresa Carale, President, Murray Hill Institute, New York City, New York, USA

Our 8th grade girls truly enjoyed the presentation by Judi; she is a very lively, and joyful presenter who came from Australia and shared ideas to the girls that inspired them in their journey as young women. She gave them positive encouragement about their inner and outer beauty and being accepting of themselves and others. Judi created a cheerful environment for our students to be open and ask deep questions. Thank you and we hope to see you again in the US.

Christie Keuchel, Director of Student Life, Oakcrest School, McLean, Virginia, USA


We have had nothing but positive feedback from students following the session at our school. The content resonated with our students and the speaker was relatable and approachable.

Nicola Berge, Wellbeing Counsellor & English Teacher, St Joseph’s Institution International, Singapore




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